Artist Bio:

Meghan L. E. Kirkwood (b. 1981) is an Assistant Professor of Art at North Dakota State University  where she teaches Photography and Foundations courses. She earned a B.F.A. from Rhode Island School of Design in Photography in 2006 before completing her M.F.A. in Studio Art at Tulane University in 2009. She has received numerous fellowships, including funding to participate in artist residencies through the National Parks Service, the Vermont Studio Center, and the Lakeside Lab (Iowa). Kirkwood’s photography has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, and South Africa.

Kirkwood’s photography interests range in scope from individual relationships to national histories to proposals for a landscape photography representative of Aldo Leopold’s “land aesthetic.” Her experiments with landscape images and research into the history of the genre represent a long-term interest in the ways artistic representations of land help generate and sustain values and attitudes toward the natural environment.

In tandem with her studio practice, Kirkwood also researches in the fields of African art and the history of photography. She holds an MA in Art History from the University of Kansas, where she researched African monuments designed and built by North Koreans, and a PhD in Art History from the University of Florida. Her dissertation examines the uses of landscape imagery by contemporary South African photographers.

Kirkwood is a native New Englander, and has lived in and worked in various states in the South and Midwest. She has also lived abroad for extended periods in Argentina, Germany, and South Africa. When not photographing or traveling, Kirkwood trains for and competes in marathons.